Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Good and The Bad

Today was a really good day ... a lazy day, a "get dressed at noon" kind of day because ... the weather was bad.  It doesn't happen often here, but today was dreary and chilly. Sew ... I sewed.

I made binding. But - I did not sew ON any binding. The pile is growing.

A good day to make a block 

A bad day to finish 16 of them ... but I do have rows!

A great day to do more hand stitching on my Sue Spargo BOM.

Almost done ... just the right side border "tongues" left to stitch. I hope there's some "not great" tv viewing tonight. If the show is too good, the stitching stays quietly in my lap.

AND ...

My piece-of-crap-expensive iron is going in the trash tomorrow. It's been leaking since before Christmas and today, water just gushed out of the bottom. Really ticks me off ... my cheap, light-weight Walmart iron never leaked. This Rowenta ... loved the weight, it worked GREAT, right up until it didn't. It's only a year old. I'm going back to a Black 'n Decker.

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