Friday, December 9, 2016


Although there is not as much yarn stashed in our house as there is fabric ... I do have some yarn.  To the non-knitter, "some yarn" might be a bit deceiving.  I do not have as much yarn stashed as some of my knitting friends ... therefore, I do not have a yarn stash problem.

So ...

Last Saturday, we went to Tampa for a hockey game. Capitals lost (boo), but it was a really fun and exciting game. Great arena, lots of energy and the funnest part - I ran into a friend! I've known Margaret for years (20?). We were in the same quilt guild and she worked at My Cute Husband's favorite Harley Davidson dealer. In Maryland. And she moved away a year ago to Sarasota.

She and her husband were also at the Capitals/Lightening hockey game.  How fun is THAT.

Before the game, Steve and I just happened to find Roxy's yarn shop and this just happen to get purchased.

What will I make with this? Do not be hater and ask such a personal question ... the yarn only spoke loud enough to get purchased. It hasn't yet revealed the why.

And this ...

This will be socks (for Christmas 2017!!). I've already cast them on twice. 3rd time was a charm during last evening's tv viewing time.

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Pat said...

Love that blue yarn.