Thursday, December 8, 2016

At Home Day

Being retired does not mean nothing to do. But it does mean, some days are "at home days".  I love an At-Home-Day.  To me, it means, nothing on the list, nothing pressing, nothing I HAVE to do.  There's always something I could do and maybe even should do but nothing I have to do.

Sew ... today I decided to start the Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery ... as of tomorrow, I will be 2 weeks late starting ... 2 weeks behind!

I had a smallish stack of gray fabrics that would be perfect as neutrals.  Bonnie gave an option of simply cutting 3.5" squares ( or making them as 4-patches).  Starting late - cutting squares was faster (and yes, easier).

After a little digging, I found some yardage that qualifies as magenta ... at least in MY sewing room it does. A lot of cutting and a little sewing and 20 triangle-in-a-square blocks are done.  These are also called Tri-Recs ... same block, different cutting tool.

I am completely in love with BlocLoc rulers!!  I am not a precision sewer and these rulers allow me to square-up perfectly.

I'm still not a precision piecer but my odds improve with the right tools.  20 out of 100 - done.  I will get more made this afternoon, maybe even all of them.  Tomorrow is my quilt group Chrostmas luncheon and then on to Part 3.

The mystery is free. Just Goggle Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville). Her instructions will be available for a short time and then ... Pouff ... gone. 

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Loretto said...

Is this Bonnie's En Provence Mystery that you are doing?