Saturday, December 10, 2016


Debby Brown, quilter extraordinaire, posted today (or maybe it was yesterday) about all the different things that were immediately pending in her sewing.  That got me thinking about my day (and blog post) and what I might be accomplishing today.

I could work on the string border for the 2nd Old Moda quilt.

2. A really old kit surfaced with really, really old Moda. I could make this. Or I could add the fabric to the little (shrinking) pile of regular old Moda.

3. I could quilt the Off The Shelf Old Moda top.  It's loaded up and waiting.

4. I could wrap the last of my Christmas gifts. I'm D.O.N.E. shopping!!!!!!

5. I need 5 more bowl cozies.  Will this never end?

6. I need more Tri-Recs blocks for my Bonnie Hunter mystery. 50 out of 100 are finished.

7. I could work on this sock that was going to be a gift for Christmas 2017. But ... it may have moved up the list by a year. 2016?

I'll show you tomorrow what got done. I do know there will NOT be any Gilmore Girls binge today - I really do have things do.

1 comment:

Debby Brown said...

I think you should do none of them and come here to help finish MY projects!