Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Starts and Stops

There's a shoe commercial that plays at the movie theater. It's about empowered women moving forward. I think it's for Famous Footwear (not positive). Perhaps not a great commercial because I'm not exactly sure which shoe company but I do love the message ... Moving Forward.

I've decided this quilt is done. I've been stuck for a couple of days about how to make it bigger. I still have pieces of older Moda fabric on my cutting table.  It suddenly occurred to me - stop! This quilt top is done. It measures 60" X 64", a perfectly respectable-sized quilt. 

And just as suddenly, I started a new project ... Old Moda #3. 

I had to do a little brain refresher on how to use my Creative Grids ruler for the Cat's Cradle block. By dinner time - a 20" square block was made. I might stop here. I do love a nice tabletopper.

While sewing was happening inside the house, My Cute Husband was outside in the garage talking to the nice AC guy about this ...

If like me, you have never seen the inside of the air handler ... It is NOT supposed to look like something from the North Pole ... that, my friends, is ICE. Completely frozen, not doing it's job. 


The nice man is coming back today to install a brand new system. 


And ... it has STARTED ... A bowl cozy in use! 
Kid#2 had dental work and was feeling poorly. Her Cute Boyfriend made her a comforting bowl of soup. 

A good mail day! I can now start the November block of my 2016 Sue Spargo BOM. Due to unforeseen problems, the December finishing kit came last month and the final block came this month.  I might make the (MY) deadline by midnight Saturday.

Today, I'm starting my 2017 planner planning.

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