Thursday, December 29, 2016


Today, we put away Christmas. And ... I broke my pinky toe. 

Taking down the decorations is always a happy/sad day. Washing the quilts and remaking beds, getting things back to "normal" is good. Looking forward to the restart of a new year, also good. 

I got a new mug for Christmas!. It has a great handle, is a great size and not too heavy.

And ... I got a hot glue gun! I have never owned one. With all the crafting and creating I've done, I can't believe I have never owned a hot glue gun.

But ... I do love "the holiday season." From Halloween to Christmas is my favorite time of year. Putting it all away until next year means it is over. That's sad. Having order restored is good. 

I tripped over a Rubbermaid tub and stubbed my toe. It hurt! I did not cuss! So - Christmas is done, my toe is broken but my house is clean. Tonight, during tv time, there will be hand stitching on my 2016 Sue Spargo BOM ... almost done!

1 comment:

Pat said...

No hot glue gun? That is totally unAmerican!!
Sorry about the toe.