Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Again, I'm having tech difficulties. I did manage to get a few pictures to show up on my iPad ... someday, when I grow up, I might figure out how to get photos from my Samsung phone to my Samsung tablet into Blogger. And then ... how to blog from the Samsung tablet.

In the meantime... we had a lovely Christmas weekend. Way too much food (still working on leftovers), and lots of smiles over thoughtful gifts.

Florida issues back license plates only.  My car is no longer nekked in the front.

My brother-in-law and favorite sister-in-law came through with pretty yarn. Can't wait to cast on!

And fence art from my fabulous Mom ... with help from wonderful Kid#2. This is something I had admired at the Cocoa Beach Art Festival and it appeared under our Christmas tree.

Lots of other goodies were given and received. Steve is trying to figure how to "talk" to Alexa ( tech stuff way beyond me).

It was such a fun weekend, capped off yesterday with a motorcycle ride on a sunny day. This Florida life! Yep, already used to it!!

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