Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Before Matthew

Off we went on a little get-away to Key West. Thanks to Goggle and GPS and plenty of time on our hands, we made a quick detour.

I have NO need for fabric but a little yarn shopping? Sure ... why not!  I was really hoping for a tee shirt but they didn't have any.  What knitter wouldn't love a shirt from this shop?!

2 evenings and 1 very long day was all we had there and we made the most of it.

Chickens are everywhere and so colorful.

This was such a cool tree.

We walked and ate and walked and drank lots of water (and a little beer for Steve) and walked some more.  We saw all the sights and got the important photos. We saw an incredible sunset at Mallory Square.

And then came home for hurricane prep.

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Loretto said...

We love Key West. My husband keeps saying if he ever completely retires we can find him in Key West as he has already picked out his bench. If you get a chance go back and visit more places, it is quite an amazing place.