Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

WOW! What a week ..

A week ago today we headed off to Key West for a little " Hurray-for-retirement" vacation. And then promptly headed back home on Wednesday in time to buy plywood.

We were prepped and ready. Thankfully, we has no damage, just yard debris.

There were about a dozen fences down in our neighborhood ... But not ours. Our mess was simply clean up ... Rake. Scoop. Sweep.

Taking down the plywood, we did discover a couple of hurricane victims taking shelter.

They scurried off with a little encouragement.

We prepped, survived and cleaned up from our first Florida Hurricane.

All is well!


Pat said...

I was wondering about you! Was not certain your exact location but since you hadn't posted for a few days I figured you were in the path. Glad to hear you had no significant damage. Here's hoping it's the worst you ever go through.

WoolenSails said...

I am glad you made it through the hurricane, so many places were wiped out.


Loretto said...

Really glad to hear you didn't have any damage. Sorry you had to cut your trip short to Key West.