Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Project!

Last year, for Christmas (or maybe the year before?), Steve gave me a Kaffe Fasset fat 1/4 bundle. I never actually forgot about them but they did get absorbed into the chaos of my fabric stash and moving. They finally managed to make their way to the top of a pile and get rediscovered. Or maybe they fell off when I was trying to shove the bookcase across the room without emptying the shelves.

Here's the set-up for my new project.

The blocks are coming together ... sew pretty! I'm teaching at my new group : Free Spirit Quilter's on Thursday.  They are "think outside the box" kinda gals so I'm teaching the Broken Arrow block - easy, quick sewing with a nice WOW ending. This is my 2nd quilt using this block but I needed some sample parts to demo so ... why not make a whole new quilt?!

And on the home front- I repainted my MD front porch bench to match my FL house.

When I'm not sewing or going to Home Depot (2 days in a row, we have NOT been there!) - there's always the beach ... it is my happy place.

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