Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bargello +1

There has been sewing and quilting going on during my "spare time."  From the leftovers of a Bargello quilt (and bits of other things), I made Mom a placemat for her outdoor table.

I wanted to check the math for some tri-square triangles (I may have made up that word). And I wanted to practice some sit-down quilting.  I do love that Fabulux thread. 

Lots got accomplished with 1little placemat ...
Verified some math
Tried out a new thread
Practiced quilting via pushing fabric
Used up some scraps

Because of my techno challenges, I do not have a photo of the finished mat on the table ... Maybe another day.

I do have a photo (and proof) that I applied the binding back by hand! This is not something I usually do. It's amazing how much more time I can spend on a project when I'm not on a deadline.

And ...

Here is a finished quilt. My first try at Bargello. 

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MK Kerr said...

Think you need to find a 13-15 year old neighborhood computer geek to show you how to use your new computer toy. The quilting stuff looks great, and I'm sure Mom appreciates the colorful addition to her dining pleasure. Isn't is amazing how much math we use in sewing?