Friday, August 26, 2016

Long Story

iPad got left on a plane in March. What are the odds of it getting found and returned? I went to the Apple Store in Melbourne,FL to buy a new one ... they had none in stock (which I thought was very weird). So, I went to Best Buy. Now - the big dilemma ... spend over $600 on a new iPad or $200 on a Samsung tablet? 

Remember - we were getting ready to move from MD to FL and bringing very little actual furniture with us. I went with the Samsung tablet. Exactly 1 week after I left the iPad on the plane, it was found and returned to me.  There is good in this world.

I continued to blog from my iPad using photos that synced from my iPhone. But I did everything else from my new tablet ... the best way to learn it - USE it.

My poor OLD iPhone was on its last legs and needed to be replaced. In July, my Cute Husband and I got new phones.  I decided to stay with Samsung so it could sync with my tablet.  And it does - sort of. 

Things I'm struggling with ...
Blogger - not as user friendly
Syncing photos - I'm still trying how to consistently do it
Voice mail - got it figured out but I do have to push more buttons

Things I love ...
Everything else

So - today, I finally have a work-around for blogging. Take pictures on my Samsung phone, email them to myself, open the email on my iPad and save them, BLOG on the iPad.  All this and still put the finishing touches on our new home interior, prep for 2 classes I'm teaching here in FL, start a couple new samples for potential classes for Quilt Odyseey (next summer) and Spring Water Designs (this winter), take Mom to the hairdresser (every Thursday), keep up with my Sue Spargo BOM, knit, stalk quilt groups, go to Home Depot (at least 3x a week), coordinate tree removal stump grinding and fence building (ok, really I just have to listen to Steve talk about it).

Ok - long story done. The short version - I think I will be able to blog more!

Here's my finished quilt from Free Spirit class a few weeks ago.  It's a Tula Pink technique- fast/easy sewing which I love. I decided to add selvages, it looked like stacked books to me.


Loretto said...

Well I'm glad you are back online. I've missed seeing your great looking pictures.

Quilting Nan said...

I too have missed your blogs. Learning new technology isn't easy, I'm glad to see you are figuring it out.

Chris Halecky said...

Love your stories. With quilt odyssey don't forget to think about a zippered shoulder bag thanks

Pat said...

So what are you doing in your spare time? :D