Monday, August 29, 2016

In Between Sewing

Bonnie Hunter calls this "leader/ender" sewing.  Starlyn, who currently lives in Australia and I miss like crazy, calls it "sew offs". I have always done this but didn't call it anything. It's the sewing you do in between sewing seams on your "real" project. 

While playing around in my quilt room/fabric storage area (vs my sewing room across the hall). I came across a very messy bin of pieces and parts of homespun and plaids.

Time to tame this beast. It's also time to do a more organized "leader/ender/sew off/in between sewing" project. And for the 2nd time only, use my AccuCut which simply sits in my sewing room in a pretty green bag.

I spent a couple of hours cutting tumblers.

Lots and lots of 3" tumbler shapes.

How many? No idea. How big will the quilt be? No idea. Who is the quilt for? No idea.

None of that really matters. This basket will sit on my sewing table and those timbers will go as pairs under my needle between the seams of whatever else I'm sewing.

The messy bin ... is now a bit tidier and a bit emptier.

And  ... because I live in Florida ... And ... we are retired people ... I might go to the beach today.

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