Tuesday, August 30, 2016


One of the nice things about moving is finding stuff that has been put away (lost) for awhile. And even if it's not been out-of-sight, it's moved far down the priority list. Moving homes can cause that list to get all juggled up.

When we left MD, I actually organized my fabric as I packed. That's how I ended up with the messy bin of homespun and plaids. I also have a big basket of 30's reproductions. And ... I have a UFO. (Ok, I have several). Years ago, I completed 12 blocks using Thangles. It was called "Buck-A-Block" from Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, MD. Years ago ... Easily over 10 years. It finally made it's way up the priority list (2 or 3 years ago) and I made about a million Flying Geese to use as setting blocks. 

Side note ...
My dear friend Cappy has a theory - when you are stuck on a setting solution ... turn the blocks on point. She also believes when you're stuck ... add appliqué. She's not wrong! We do laugh about it all the time. When you think a quilt top is done - ADD APPLIQUÉ?!?!

At a retreat, while making the million Flying Geese, I had already turned my blocks on point but was still a bit stuck.  Cappy said, "ADD APPLIQUÉ."  She was right!

Yesterday, I skipped the beach, did some home-love (nicer than house-work) and started adding the appliqué.  Hopefully today (it's supposed to rain) I can finish the appliqué.

I'm really loving this quilt.  I don't know what's next (it has been evolving for over 10 years, no need to rush). At least 1 more border, and maybe prairie points. 

I've never done prairie points - is it hard? Should they be laying pointed in, on top of a border? Or pointing out along the outer edge? How does the binding work it they are on the edge? 

Hmmmm.... This project may have to ferment a little longer while I consider what's next. Good thing about 30's repro- they don't age.


Debby Brown said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!

Pat said...

Whatever you do, it's really pretty.

Cappy said...

Bwahahahaha! The quilt is beautiful!

Still LOL!!!!! :-D