Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Done

Nothing good happened in the creative department today.  In fact ... it was a sad day for knitting.  Awhile back, I took apart a pretty green sweater.  

A sweater that, when finally done, I had knitted 8 sleeves and called it my Octopus Sweater.  I just did not like how it fit ... it was too snug - not too small but too form fitted and I knew I wouldn't wear it.  So ... I unraveled it, reskeined the yarn, washed it and rerolled it into a lovely green yarn cake.

Then ... I swatched and downloaded a prefectly lovely cowl necked sweater.  And started knitting. I made a back and a front.  Life with this sweater was looking good ... until today.

Some how I did NOT count the stitches correctly.  I had 10 extra stitches on the right side of center.  The fact that this would make the sweater front 10 stitches too big and therefore almost 2" too big, I could (almost) live with this.  But ... the cable that ran up the center wasn't in the center.  I couldn't live with this.

And honestly - I can no longer live with this yarn. It's jinxed.  

That's it, I'm done, no regrets, it's over.

So - I've lived in Florida for a month and I have made curtains for my sewing room and unburdened myself of a lot of unreasonable green yarn.  Who needs a warm, cowl necked pullover sweater in Florida anyway? 

Tomorrow, my quilter hat comes back out and I'm going to wear it proudly.


Pat said...

LOL - I had come to the same conclusion about that yarn before I scrolled down to your final thoughts. You are right - who needs a sweater like that in Florida, anyway?

Loretto said...

Quilting is always better anyway. Knitting was for keeping warm in the winter and hands busy, and now that you are in Florida you shouldn't need it.

MK Kerr said...

Forget the about a dip in the pool?