Friday, May 20, 2016

I Sewed!

Progress continues on the "list". We have kitchen hardware! I'm ridiculously happy about kitchen hardware.  Who designs and builds a lovely kitchen with no knobs or drawer pulls?  I really dislike not having door knobs.  

My beautiful quilt rack has found it's home.  Right now it is the only thing that is staying in the livingroom.  New furniture is on order but it will be weeks (and weeks) before it is delivered.  I happen to think that every room should start with quilts.

The best part of today ... I sewed! I set up my trusty Bernina and made curtains for my sewing room. It felt so good to sew. THAT is progress.


Charlene S said...

I agree that every room should have quilts. Cabinets should have pulls too.

Loretto said...

Looks like you have your priorities correct with quilts first. Who needs furniture right away.
Glad to see things are coming together for you. We do miss you up here though.

Cappy said...