Friday, April 15, 2016

Lif's Dilemmas

CRAZY doesn't even come close to describing my life but I can not let another day go by without some sort of post. 

I left my iPad (might as well have left my brain!) in the front pocket of an airplane seat. I even heard the flight attendant's speech about "check for all your personal belongings". I kept track of Mom, her portable oxygen, her purse, her iPad, my purse, and my too-big-knitting bag and left my precious iPad. 

One week later (after the purchase of a new Samsung tablet) ... 

Look who found it's way home!

My old grungy much loved iPad. 

BUT - it's set to auto-erase if anyone (including me) opens it. This was precautionary in case it was found by some unscrupulous person. 

My crazy life does not allow time to go to the Apple Store and ask some "genius" to remove the "self-destruct" option. Maybe next week. Maybe next month. Maybe I'll figure out how to blog from my new tablet and no longer have to post from my little and outdated phone. Maybe someday I'll have time to breath. 

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Kathleen said...

When we have other people to take care of when traveling - our own stuff just seems to be forgotten. I managed to take a lovely beach vacation with the family and managed to pack everything….except a swim suit for me….good luck!