Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dilemma and Done

Today is not the day that I figure out how to blog from my new tablet ... Still doing 1 finger typing on my little phone. Please be kind about typos!


A purple sock managed to sneak into the dryer. ONE purple sock ...

It's a teeny bit snug but still wearable. Do I put the other in the dryer and hope that it comes back out matching the first runaway? 


In the midst of packing and purging and cleaning and playing Candy Crush (keeping it real here). I did some quilting!  Starlyn gave me fabric for a quilt backing. I miscalculated the amount needed (no huge surprise). My Birch Tree quilt remains backless. 

BUT ... My Friendship Rings quilt is now quilted!  I love this backing for this quilt. 

A couple of years ago, my BEE did a swap and a few of us (them) actually completed quilts. I am now part of the completed club. 

There was enough backing to make binding which is prepped. Hopefully I can find it at our new house and attach it after we move (12 sleeps). 

I love this quilt. 


Loretto said...

Mary glad to see you back on your blog, sure missed reading it. Congratulations on selling your house and the big move. We will miss you here.

MK Kerr said...

Ditto what Loretto said.