Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Sometimes I struggle thinking up "titles". Today was easy ... it is Tuesday.

This past weekend I made a great discovery ... actually I made 2 discoveries but they were made at the same time.

1.  My iPod ... This is so very important.  I love this thing.  It's old and you can't buy this style any more.

I "discovered" it between the couch cushions.  It went missing early last month.  I knew it was somewhere in my sewing room ... it was not.  It is now back on the ironing board, where it belongs.  Yes, it belongs on the ironing board - don't judge.

2.  My flat pen. This has been gone for a while.  I love this pen.  It's flat and fits inside a journal.

This is my knitting journal.  It great to have to the pen right there in the book.

Next time something is missing - I checking the couch cushions!

AND ... I'm working on some Christmas gifts.

Off to lunch with Mom and Kid#1.

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