Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I'm on a roll with these catchy titles!  

"Sleeping in" for me is 7 a.m.  I'm an early riser. I love my hour+ time in the morning.  It's quiet and it's all mine.  This is sort of silly because I have lots of hours on lots of days that are "all mine." But that early morning, pre-coffee, hour is a little bonus time, found time.  Ever wish you had just one extra hour in your day ... this is where I found mine.

Yesterday this was how I spent my pre-coffee hour.

Chris's quilt was loaded and I started quilting it.  After a lunch date and a little Christmas shopping with Kid#1, I came home and resumed quilting into the early evening.  My Cute Husband went to a hockey game and Mom had some ice cream and tea for dinner - after a fabulous lunch, we weren't that hungry (yes, I did plan it that way!). And ... that quilt is done a day ahead of MY schedule.

This morning, this is my pre-coffee view 

A little blogging, some mindless wandering around the Internet and some knitting. And some "list minding". My Cute Husband has the day off so I'm making him a list too.

His list only has 1 item - Post Office to mail #2 of 4 Christmas boxes. I have 3 items on my list and they involve THE MALL.  We will probably combine our lists and there just might be a Starbucks stop mingled in there.

I love my lists!

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