Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Day - the second half

Yesterday's Nearly Insane block had 39 pieces. Today's block (should I choose to accept the mission) has 107 pieces. I'm still on my first cup of coffee - I'll let you know later if I "git 'er done".

Unless of course I actually do go Insane!

I did wander back into my sewing room yesterday and I did finish ironing my Cute Husband's shirts. For the record - I ironed 8 shirts yesterday! All done ... until I do laundry again, which will probably be today. Even though yesterday was a Snow Day - and all we got was rain, SPRING is coming - hurray for polo shirts!

And in a gallant effort NOT to start yet another new project - I worked on my Blue Trees Quilt. This one needs a better name - suggestions? I should be able to get a lot of sashing pieced in between the 107 pieces of Nearly Insane #17.

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Quilting Nan said...

How about Blue Spruce?