Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Good Day

Mom was better today! Probably the best day she's had in 3 weeks. Still not back to normal but definitely better - physically, which made for a better day mentally.

Kid#1 came by. Haven't had such a nice visit with her in weeks. She did laundry and I sewed some while we chatted and laughed.

I found (on my computer) and printed the sweater pattern that I want to make using yarn that I rewound from another project. And - ordered yarn and a pattern for a new sock KAL starting in April. I'm trying really hard not to start it right away but - it's really cute.

I did some spinning and it's coming out great! I worked on a knitting project that has been sitting for weeks.

I did NOT finish a Nearly Insane block but did get #17 started.

All together - a very good day.

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