Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Snow Day

Not really a snow day at my house - it's been raining since last night. But my Cute Husband stayed home and had coffee with us this morning and schools are closed - not that we have any school-aged children. But - it IS being called a Snow Day!

So - for me - that means dinner in the crock pot and hanging on the couch with knitting and TV. That lasted for an hour.

I wandered into my sewing room with the best intentions - ironing shirts. I got 3 done (and left the other 4) before I was overcome with Nearly Insanity.

2 more blocks done!

Mom and I had lunch. She's settled in her sunroom with a warm blanket and her TV. Shingles is really taking its toll on her. I might just go and finish the ironing. Or get a little more Nearly Insane.

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Carolyn said...

Love following the progress of your Nearly Insane! I'm so sorry that your mom has shingles. How long has she had them? Does she have post herpetic neuralgia from them? I got shingles in November of 2011. The rash went away but the pain stayed. After spending over a year on Neurontin and percocet and seeing several pain management doctors who couldn't do anything more for me, I finally started acupuncture for it. Not going to lie, I still have the pain, but I've gone from 600mg of Neurontin a day to 200 and from 50mg of Percocet a day to 5 or 10. It's the first time I've been hopeful that I can be pain free at some point. Please consider it if she has PHN. I can't believe how much better I feel!