Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip - has a sharp point!  get it?  Sometimes I crack myself up...
Bonnie Hunter blogged about these and how helpful they are.  So I made some and gifted some and have some leftover.

I use my mine when machine stitching binding.  It is VERY helpful.  I saw the binding to the front and turn it to the back (like most everyone does).  Then I stitch it to the back with thread that matching the binding and invisible thread in the bobbin.  The invisible thread barely shows on the front.

The little poker thing is helpful because it grabs the binding fabric and I can make sure it's just a thread past the 1st stitching line.  My fingers don't fit between the fork in the foot but the poker does.
Makes stitching binding so much nicer.
The tip of the poker is very sharp.  I added a squishy ear plug (whole bag from the $1 store) to the tip to protect it AND the person who received one.
By the way - it's called a stiletto or an awl NOT a little poker thing but I like my name better.

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Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz said...

And if you want to use the ear plug you should remove the pokey thing first! This has been a public service comment...