Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WIP for June

Still loving the UFO Challenge.  This month I'm actually piecing.  #12 on the list is a project from a couple of years ago.  It started out as a Round-Robin (sort of).  10 of us (or maybe 6?) put together boxes of fabric in our chosen colorway.  The boxes were traded and we had to make one block and then swap the boxes again.

We were following a pattern: The Big Beige Behemouth.  The blocks are 20" squares and made up of lots of small traditional blocks.

My colorway: black and white with a little red.

And this is how far we got - 6 blocks...

Interest waned, life got in the way and eventually we all got our boxes back.  Now it's time for some "significant progess."  I don't think I'll get this done but my goal is 4 more completed 20" blocks. 

And of course there will be other sewing and quilting and knitting

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