Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday it was all about the quilting.

My friend Karen asked me to quilt this top for her daughter.  It started as a "honey bun" and ended up a really cute small twin-sized quilt. The outside border (didn't make into the photo) is the cherry fabric.  It's a very cheerful quilt.  I quilted funky feathers all over it.

I also quilted a big quilt (80 x 90) - a gift for my sister. Still working on the binding. I'll get a photo of that one today. It's supposed to be a warmish, sunny day today - great day for a fence photo.

With all that quilting, my feet were singing in protest after standing at the quilting machine for 8 hours. So Kid#2 and I went out for sushi.

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Dawn said...

I love the feathers!!