Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Good morning my lovely blog readers!  

I'm in catch-up mode today. This past weekend was my guild's annual February retreat.  I left on Friday morning with everything I needed (and a few extras), including cake, sewing stuff, bedding, and crockpot - for gumbo ... we had a Mardi Gras theme.

West River Retreat Center belongs to the United Methodist Church and is a FAB-O property.  This is the view out the back door of the building we stayed in and slept in and most importanly ... sewed in.

Here's my work station ... 

I absolutely love this place. It's so pretty and pieceful (oops - peaceful ... well, really it's pretty pieceful too!)

OK - it's as peaceful as 35 quilting fanatics can make it ... we are more pieceful than peaceful.

I did accomplish somethings but only had my camera out the first day for a few minutes. As I unpack and finish up - some bindings, some backings, some quilting, I'll post photos.

If you've never retreated - you MUST!


Donna Turner said...

What a beautiful place! Can't wait to see your work!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I agree with Donna....beautiful!

Carolyn :)

Susan said...

What a great way to celebrate Mardi Gras! Looks like it was a LOT of fun!

rubyslipperz said...

1st thing...I'm so happy for you that you had such a great time at such a beautiful/pieceful place.

2nd thing...o, sigh, sniff, I have retreat envy! =)