Thursday, February 16, 2012


Kid #2 is cooking dinner tonight.  The Cute Husband refers to her as our "30 year old teenager".  I think the term - boomerang kid - applies too.  We've all made the adjustment, it's working and I will miss her if (please, God - WHEN) she moves back out on her own.

Anyway - as she was leaving for work this morning, she casually asked me to please poach the chicken today so that it's ready for her to "cook" dinner.  Being the WonderMother that I am, I said, "of course, my darling daughter, I LOVE to poach chicken."

So ... here's the truth - I've never poached chicken in my whole life! How does one get to be 55 years old and never poach anything (not even an egg)?  Thank God for the internet.  I googled it and the recipe said to wrap it up in plastic wrap.  Honestly, I never would have thought this up myself.

Here are the little buggers, getting poached.  Don't they look pretty in their red Saran Wrap!

I'll definitely let you know how THIS works out!

And - because I'm a quilter ... here's a picture of the border of my friend Sheila's quilt - Roll, Roll, Cotton Bowl.  I just LOVE how it turned out!

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pricillaprecise said...

I never noted a post about how those poached chicken pieces worked out. Was it a yummy recipe your daughter did? I've never poached chicken either - can't imagine what one would do with them - I obviously haven't Googled the dishes they are used in, so - do tell ! I came across your blog recently, and am enjoying going back and reading what you've been up to.... as others have commented, you are certainly productive, and from your reply to those comments I see you don't allow many idle moments in your day. Margaret.