Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's raining out so I can't take a "fence photo" my zigzag quilt top. I put borders on it this  morning and it's ready to get quilted ... maybe next week.  So - here's an update to what's going on with yarn ...

My Lucky Charm socks are done through Clue #5. I'm hoping for Clue #6 today - sometimes Wendy takes pity on us and releases it early.

This is the start of a new pair of socks.  I've started and rip it 3 times.  Just not feeling it yet. So, I'm putting this one on hold for now.

Here's my sweater - making good progress on it. I love the very pink color.  The yarn came from Knit Picks and it's got a great feel to it. 

And of course, my hockey socks.  I work on these when we go to the Capitals Hockey games - easy pattern and it fits in the pocket of my sweatshirt.

If you're a sock knitter, then you already know this, but if you're NOT a sock knitter ... yes, the socks look really weird and big and nothing like you would expect.  BUT - hand knit socks fit wonderfully and when they're finished and on my feet, they won't look weird and big and such.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh! How in the world do you keep track of so many knitting projects at once? I can work on several different quilts at once, but only one knitting project at a time.

Donna Turner said...

I have abandoned all hope of even starting my mystery sock with Ravelry. I'm just gonna try to continue on my shawl and see how that does for now. Kudos on multitasking! Are you on Ritalin or something, LOL!