Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Have you ever stitched your machine to your quilt?
Believe me when I say ... it's not pleasant!

There I was, happily quilting along on a beautiful quilt for my friend Sheila and suddenly - oops ... there was seam that wasn't stiched. Probably not enough seam allowance, combined with a little unraveling. The next thing I knew, the machine was stuck! Sewed it to the quilt. 

 After a little (ok, a lot) of cussing and some VERY CAREFUL unstitching ... 

There ... all better!
This quilt will get to hang in our guild show without my HQ16 hanging off the front.

Sheila's quilt is a Bonnie Hunter design - Roll, Roll, Cotton Bowl (not Boll) because she says it looks like a bowl of ice cream.  It's SO pretty!

Taking a short break from quilting after THAT trauma! Besides, I really need to get dressed and maybe even plan some fabulous dinner for Valentine's Day - I want to stay home tonight.


debby said...

I have SO done that!

Congratulate your friend Sheila for finishing her quilt. Mine is still in pieces.

Donna Turner said...

Cute quilt! We're staying in, too. Celebrated this weekend instead. I can recommend Safe House as an action packed movie! Steak with homemade potato soup and salad tonight.