Saturday, January 28, 2012


Where the heck does stuff go?
I thought my post about my "blocking" simply didn't show up via my ipad. Now that I'm home and have computer access - there is no post. A title and no pictures and no words.

So - here it is ...
This is a scarf that I made using some yarn that needed to be "showcased." The yarn is called, Mountain Meadow. It's sport weight and slightly unevenly dyed ... which makes for a great look as I knitted it.

This is the scarf - unblocked ...

This is the scarf - blocked ...
I have a very scientific way of blocking ... fill up my big yellow bowl with lukewarm water and dump in the knitted thing.  Yep - just put it in there and squish it around so it gets good and wet.  Squeeze out as much water as you can but do NOT wring it, just squeeze it.  Roll it up in a towel, put the towel on the floor and step on it - depending on how much you weigh, this will get even more water out.  Then lay it out on the guest room bed on top of a dry towel.  Pin it out so that the stitches spread.  Leave it overnight to dry.  Make sure you close the door to the bedroom or your 4-legged friends will think they've scored a GREAT sleeping place.

I made up the pattern, if you're interested - just ask and I'll post it.  The scarf ended up measuring 7" x 44".


Michele said...

lovely scarf! Please do post your pattern.

rubyslipperz said...

I LUV your scientific way to block =). I never thought it was that easy...thanks for showing it CAN be done. =)