Thursday, January 26, 2012


Don't you just LOVE visiting a new quilt shop? 

Donna and I (and 2 guildy/quilty friends went on a field trip to - Threads Run Through It, in Phenix, VA.  What a FAB-O shop!

Besides wonderful fabrics - and LOTS of wonderful fabrics, there was a "shop friend."  WingNut is the most affectionate cat I've ever met.  I thought I might sit on the porch - yes, this shop has a great front porch with rocking chairs.  Anyway - I was going to sit and knit a bit and enjoy the sunshine while waiting for the others ladies.  No knitting was accomplished. WingNut needed LOTS of cuddling.

So - the shop ... I've got nothing negative to say ... expect that it's very far away from MY house. The owners, Steven and Lori are super friendly and very knowledge about their inventory.  The inventory? It's plentiful, up-to-date and about a $1.00 a yard cheaper (or more) than what I find around here.

AND - she serves lunch - for free! We had deli ham and cheese, bread and variety of "go-withs." What a treat!

As Lori said, "Threads Run Through It is a destination quilt shop. When you take the time to make it your destination, we're going to make it fun." She says, quilting is as much about friends and fellowship as it is about sewing. She's more about happy customers than she is about making lots of money ... as long as the bills get paid!
This is a shop I will always attempt to visit when I'm anywhere near Phenix, VA ... I'm going to have to look at the map and figure out where exactly Phenix, VA is and what it's near.

A fun field trip!

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