Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What a day it's already been!

1.  Completed my Leftober challenge - was too tired last night to finish the one thumb.

 I don't really "get" fingerless gloves ... seems like if my hands are cold, then my fingers would be cold too.

2.  Went to 2 banks ... yes, 2, I know, it's weird.

3.  Loaded this on the Handiquilter - will wait until tomorrow to quilt it.

4.  Went to the MVA (in MD we don't have a DMV, we have an MVA) and renewed my driver's license.  I only spent 20 mintues waiting!

5.  Finished the parts to this jacket, which will be awesome when it's done!

6.  Treated myself to this ...

7. Ran to Joann's for some lining fabric for the above mentioned jacket.

8.  Went to Target to buy a new iron (my stopped working over the weekend), and while at Target, I did a little Christmas shopping.  Starbucks is IN Target, isn't that just grand!

9.  Got 2 rows done on my Deliah scarf.  Would have gotten more done but the wait at MVA was so short.

10. Did a load of laundry.

11.  Took Harleigh, the Wonder Dog for a quick walk.

NOW ... I'm eating some leftover pasta salad and contemplating what's next.


Sue said...

HOLY COW, Mary! I need a nap after reading your post! Cute fingerless mitts.

Bridget B said...

I'm with Sue- surprised you stopped for coffee. Everything looks really nice

Chief Executive Babe said...

The jacket you are making is going to be gorgeous! What beautiful fabrics you've chosen. I look forward to seeing its progress!

Cheers - Wendy