Friday, October 21, 2011


A couple of things have been checked off "the list."  You know that list ... the things-to-do list.  But it's raining and I can't take my favorite fence photos so I'll do a little show 'n tell on that later.

I joined a challenge with the Knitter's Brewing Company Ravelry group.  In honor of Leftober - we had to make something in October with leftover sock yarn.

Here's what I'm workingon ...

I gotta be honest ... I don't really get the whole fingerless gloves thing.  If my hands are cold then so are my fingers. But, my girls love them and I had enough yarn to make them.

And, I started a new Mystery KAL (knit along) with She-Knits.  The KAL doesn't start until November 2 but we received a bonus surprise ... a KAL before the KAL.  I'm a couple of days behind on my start but making progress ...

It's called Deliah and it will be a scarf.  Right now it looks like some aquatic creature, but I have hope!

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