Monday, August 8, 2011


A "FINISH" is a great thing. What a sense of accomplishment to have a project D.O.N.E.

But a  "START" ... there's something so exciting about starting a new project. I tend to have a few more starts than finishes.

Yesterday just felt like a START DAY.
 This yarn is so pretty. The sequines are spun right into the yarn. I'm using some with and some without the Bling.

 It's going to be a sleeveless top. The front and back get started, then joined at the underarm. Here's my Sunday progress ...

 Here's my Monday morning fix ...

Yep ... took a pair of scissors, took a deep breath, cut each side and unravelled the join.  I've now rejoined the 2 pieces without the extra 15 stitches on each side.  I'm a pretty "healthy" woman but that top was going to fit me AND the Cute Husband - together.  He just doesn't look good in sequins.

Lesson learned ... use the correct hook when crochetting ... size does matter.


Susan said...

I just learned a lesson on gauge the hard way too! It's definitely worth the time it takes to check. (Love the yarn!)

Donna Turner said...

I'm having trouble picturing how these pieces are going to be combined. Do you have a snapshot of the finished product?