Saturday, August 13, 2011


Carpet cleaning and then the needed housecleaning can really cut into fun stuff like sewing and knitting and blogging.  That's what we've been doing this week and it's almost done!

I have managed a little hooky business in the evenings. Donna gave me this cute little spring-loaded tote.

And it's the perfect size to hold my new crocheted sweater.  This is the progress part of this blog post:

In between loads of laundry, dusting, and waiting for portions of the carpet to dry, I made this wall-hanging.  It's a Sandy Gervais pattern but I couldn't resist changing it up a bit and making it more folk-arty.

I can't imagine ever going a whole week without some sort of fiber in my hands ... and I don't mean carpet fiber.  By the way ... did you notice how nice the carpet looks under my partial sweater? The Cute Husband is in competition with the Stanley Steamer guy!

PS ... please don't notice that I put the center left side border squares in the wrong place - thank you so much for not mentioning it. It's amazing what you don't see until you take a photo and blog about it.

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