Thursday, June 16, 2011


Fear not ... I'm home safe.  It is 9:23 right now and I've already had a full (and unproductive) day.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Woke up at 5:30 and could NOT get back to sleep
2. Ice maker is broken - ice coffee is lukewarm coffee
3. Headed out to post office, got there at 8:45, they don't open until 9:00
4. No problem ... scoot next door to the grocery store for Father's Day card and Twizzlers (Cute Husband's favorite candy).  There were NO $5 Friday Specials ... I LOVE the $5 Friday Specials.  I ask the deli lady and she politely tells me that tomorrow there will be $5 Friday Specials - they don't do them on Thursdays.
No cash - how did THAT happen? OK then, my store has my bank and an ATM - it was soooooo slow but it did give me $$. I apologize to the man waiting in line behind me ... his toothless response, "no problem honey, I got nothing to do today." ... but I do!!
5. Run to the salon for my 9:00 nail appointment ... which actually isn't until 10:30 ... next week.
6. Forgot my phone. Not that I have to call anyone but I hate not having it.
7. Glove box in my car fell out. Door just opened and fell and everything landed on the floor.

It is now 9:30 a.m. ... maybe I should go back to bed.


Susan said...

I don't know about going back to bed, but it might be a good idea to stay away from sharp objects and machinery today! ;o) I hope your day gets better!

WoolenSails said...

LOL, I would definitely sit still in a chair and work on something that doesn't require anything that can cut or stab;)


Anonymous said...

Back to Bed.....sounds good to me.