Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When you have a gazillion things to do ... where do you start? Do you start?

I have to make 2 nightgowns for my mom, another pair of pants for Daughter #2 (and a sundress), a sundress for my sister (Goofy 2), swap blocks and bee blocks (similiar but not the same), a couple of orphan tops to quilts, a couple of orphans quilts to make, a baby afghan started - baby due in October, P.L.E.N.T.Y of time, 3 single socks with no sole mates and that's just what's on the NOW list.

So, Sew ... what did I do today?

I made some coasters.

 Starlyn gave me a bag of leftover strips (pretty batiks) and Teresa gave me some leftover cotton clothesline - because they love me and because they know I do stuff with leftovers.

There were enough strips for 5 fabric-wrapped coasters.

 Then I made some ice coffee and tried out the coasters - they work great!

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Donna Turner said...

You are so funny! Not a thing on the list done, but the coasters are darling! I made key chains and embroidered men's handkerchiefs today. They weren't on my list, either!