Friday, June 17, 2011


After the disasterous start to my day yesterday, things did turn around a bit.  I actually managed to handle sharp implements without drawing blood!

OOPS ... almost forgot - full disclosure - I did manage to cut some directional fabric upside down.  Sister #2's sundress is now on hold.  Sew - I moved on from the list of "need to" and on to the list of "want to."

I made my mom a new purse.

 She requested bright summery fabrics. I found this great FREE pattern for a messenger bag. The tutorial was very well done.  I added a little bling.

 There are inside and outside pockets and zippered closure (under the flap). I changed up the zipper a bit, didn't use a separating zipper and I liked the look better. Otherwise, I followed her instructions and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Oh yeah ... I did change the handle a bit too. My mom wanted a longer "across the body" handle but I also know that she will often carry her purse on her arm. Sew - I made it easily adjustable.

Perhaps today I will go back to my "list", make my mom her nightgowns, add in the coasters and mail the whole thing off to her. I am such a good daughter!


Sharon said...

Yes, you are a good daughter...I have "need to" sewing and it usually gets shoved to the bottom of the pile. Love the purse and thanks for the link...I was looking for a messenger bag pattern! Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

She is going to be one hip lady with that very pretty bag you made. Way to go!

Donna Turner said...

Lenny and I were just sitting here saying what wonderful effort and thought you put into your sewing. That adjustable handle is JUST what I need, so thanks so much for the idea! And the pattern. We're still chuckling over your last post...