Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weekend, I decided to get started on the quilting of this baby quilt.

I was inspired by Debby Brown's wonderful Lucky Charm Quilt and decided to try some new things.

What I learned ...

 Ruler work takes practice ... and I need more practice!

I LOVE Glide thread - it's a little shiny and quilts beautifully.

Invisible thread (monofilament) works great in the bobbin.

Using the tools I've collected makes more sense than just leaving them on the shelf.

AND ... on a pretty Sunday afternoon ... spend some time smelling the roses!


Susan said...

Your quilt looks great from where I'm sitting!

debby said...

Rulers need love too! Don't you love using them?

Kim said...

Remember Debby has thousands of hours of practice and had to start somewhere. She is my best friend and her work is even more amazing in person. Keep at it :0)

Happy sewing