Monday, May 16, 2011


What the heck is this mess?
 Because I have sew much time on my hands (not) and because I've run out of things to do (double NOT) ... I've decided to take on a new project with new (to me) techniques.  The mess? - it's a too-full bin of wool roving with a a side of wool fabric and felting needles and some other stuff.

This is what I made!
 The first (of many) blocks for a wool quilt with lots of felting and embroidery (by hand!).  I'm not following a specific pattern for this quilt. Critter Pattern Works has some great photos of her Wooly Sheep and Sheep Wannabees.  I've seen her work, up close and personal and was just awed by it.  I am using her Woolly Sheep pattern shapes.

I don't really know any sheep personally so I needed a bit of help with this.

 Check back here in about 5 years and you might see something close to fiished.

And then go outside and look at flowers and try to imagine my felted sheep standing in a meadow.  These flowers are in my front yard ... but no sheep!


Sharon said...

So cute! Looks like a neat project, looking forward to seeing the rest of your flock.

WoolenSails said...

I have a ton of roving supplies too and need to try some things with it. Love your sheep, you did a beautiful job on it.


Susan said...

I have a tote full of felted wool, but no, no, NO, I don't need a new project!!! I'll just watch your progress! Those sheep quilts are so cute and your quilt will be wonderful once it's finished.

Donna Turner said...

Ewe are so industrious! Adorable sheep, and the flowers aren't bad, either!