Thursday, March 3, 2011


My niece requested a quilt for her son ... he's moving into his "big boy bed."  I actually don't get a lot of requests from family members to make quilts.  SHOCKING! - I know, who wouldn't crave a fabulous quilt, especially one made by me?   My sister (Goofy #1) has received 12 out of 14 requested quilts.  Go read this and this ... it will make more sense.

OK ... all family members reading this (and there aren't many) - get in line!

Anyway - AJ loves anything with wheels so here it is ...

I backed it with Minki.  It's oh-so soft and the quilting really shows up on the back.

This is a fast-pieced quilt ... I used a panel.  I figured he would outgrow his love of "things with wheels" and this quilt would get packed away so I did pick EASY!  And ... remember this basket of binding?  I used up 265" of scrappy binding. 

OK ... I just reread that part.  Who am I kidding?  The Cute Husband just got his quilt for Christmas 2010 and he certainly has NOT outgrown his love of "things with wheels."


Susan said...

I love it and there is nothing wrong with fast and easy quilts for kids or adults for that matter!

Alexandria said...

Well don't I have the best Aunt everrrrrr and super crafty at that! We absolutely love it!! Thank you soooooo much- AJ will have it forever! I honestly couldn't have pictured or even tried to explain it better than how you crafted it! Thanks again & much much much love from NH