Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's in VT

My cute husband and I drove to VT to visit my sister and her husband. As you can see right there in their driveway ... die-hard New England Patriots fans. As you can also see ... really, really windy. And it was really, really cold!

My cute husband refers to these 2 as "Mary's goofy sisters." I didn't know that they knew. Goofy-1 quoted him over the weekend. Here's how goofy they are ... it wasn't even an awkward moment!

Goofy-2 lives in FL - she's the one in the jacket and what you can't see are the warm, heavy (borrowed) boots.
Goofy -1 is wearing an apron and sneakers ... she's the one who lives in VT. Apron ... last year's Christmas gift from me.
How does one stay warm in the cold, white north? Goofy-1 has 9 twin beds in a loft in their little cabin in the woods and ... wonderful sister that I am ... I have made quilts for all the beds. Sleeping in the loft - you don't get much privacy but you do stay warm!

AND - you're not sleeping on the floor.

Goofy-1 is a great hostess and can have up to 20 guests before she has to start getting creative with sleeping arrangements.

I've never actually slept in the loft. Cute Husband and I have always managed to snag the basement room ... which is in dire need of a beautiful quilt. hmmm ... I better get busy.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Mary the quilts are beautiful! What a great way to share the love :-)