Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dawn and Starlyn and I had a sewing day on Monday.  We were NOT solving all the world's problems.  In fact, we might have been discussing lunch - a very intense topic.
They worked on sewing projects.  I  thought I'd would continue to try and master needle felting ... it's not going so good.  I can't even show you my pathetic Easter eggs. But ...

We each made a little bag.  They wanted to learn a fast and easy zipper install.

And ... here's the pattern for the shawl I made

I did manage to find something to wear to the wedding.  I'm going with pants - so I don't have to buy new shoes and a tunic top that looks great with my shawl.  Just in case you were wondering ... what I wear to this wedding will make NO difference to anyone.  I'm the sister of the wife of the father of the groom - you know everyone will be looking at me. (sacrasm alert!!)

A wedding gift?  I made a quilt but decided to keep it.  Not sure if they're fun and funky and this quilt certainly is.  So - I decided a check.  Who doesn't love a check? I did buy a card.

PS ... you really need to check this out - THANKS, Donna for the link.

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