Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This morning the sun was shining.  It was cold out but the sun WAS shining. By the time I got the binding sewn on this quilt and got back upstairs from the sewing dungeon (I mean ... sewing room), it was completely overcast and dreary.  BUT ... I really wanted to take this quilt outside for a photo.

The block design was called - Skip To My Loo.  My friend Cappy design it based on the bathroom floor tile at the Retreat Center.  Honest to God ... the bathroom floor. And we HAD to use solid fabrics. Solid, as in SOLID ... no tone-on-tone, no Moda Marbles ... just solid and they had to include some white and black.  Really made some folks a bit twitchy.

If you've been following the progress of this quilt, then you know these are blocks I won at our quild retreat last February 2010.  I figured out a few things while making this quilt.  1) if you win blocks, you really should do something with them.  My New Year's resolution - make something with the several sets of blocks I've won over the years.  (check off Retreat 2010 blocks ... YAY!!!)

2) if you don't know what to do with a set of "challenging" blocks ... turn them "on point" ... they might look better that way.

3) quilt it ... quilting always makes a quilt top look better!

I'm not sure if you can see it, but border fabric has little teeny paw prints all over it.  I've decided to name this quilt: Keep Your Paws Off My Quilt.

4) use a really fun backing ... you'd be amazed how a fun back can make the front look great ... you'll have to trust me on this one.

All finished except for the label.  I'm struggling right now with a delimma.  While making this quilt, we got an unexpected wedding invitiation to my sister's stepson's wedding.  This would make a great gift for them.  BUT ... also while making this quilt, I really started liking it ... a lot.  I've got a label (to Joe and Nikki) ready to go.  I'm just not sure yet if I want to use that label.
I could always go out and buy them something ... like a toaster.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Your quilt is beautiful! And...I bet they need a toaster! Hahaha

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Looks great!

Melissa said...

I love it. Reminds me of Legos!

Anonymous said...

Keep the quilt..... find a different UFO and finish it for the gift....

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilt is great and I love it's name. Good work!