Monday, November 29, 2010


Absolutely, bar now, the strangest Thanksgiving I've ever spent!  Cute Husband and I started out Wednesday morning.  We did NOT go over the river and through the woods.  We pretty much headed south on I95, towing an empty trailer.  Heading to Daughter #2's house.

 Got there Wednesday afternoon and immediately started packing her stuff in the trailer, had a Subway sandwich, visited a bit and went to bed ... dreaming the anticipation of Thanksgiving - Macy's parade, pumpkin pie, football, cozy cozy cozy.

And then ... we work up.  There was coffee but no food. There was also no TV, no internet access, no music and almost no furniture.  So - we took Harleigh, the wonder dog, for a walk.  A leisurely walk because we had nothing else to do.

And we fed the ducks ... WE had no food but there was plenty of dog food.  Who knew ... ducks like dog food?!!

 And finally it was time to go to dinner.  This place is famous for it's seafood ... doesn't everyone have a traditional Thanksgiving seafood dinner?  Actually - they were serving a lovely Thanksgiving buffet and it was really good ... except NO pumpkin pie!
We got back to Sarah's house at 6 pm, took Harleigh for another walk and then we sat down.  It was sort of like - the Pilgrims meet Little House on the Prairie ... I knitted, Sarah read a book and Steve checked the football score on his new SmartPhone (thank God for THAT).  It was SO boring it was actually funny.  We couldn't even play cards (they were packed). 

I'm all for family fun and spending quality time together and I can even do an "unplugged" day but jeez ... we had nothing - no internet, no TV, not even music, no games, no pie - just a couch and a bed and a grateful dog who got lots of walks.

Friday night, I was back in my own cozy house with my feet up, watching hockey on TV (Capitals won BIG) and eating pie ... and man ... was I THANKFUL!

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Donna Turner said...

So... now what do you do with all the furniture and stuff? Are you keeping the trailer, or is it all in the garage for now? Your T'giving tale was a hoot!