Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There were 5 women in our class at the Melrose Inn.  Donna and I stayed there, the other 3 were "locals." One morning I walked into the dining room/workroom and a stunning jacket was hanging over the back of a chair.  Next to it - a stack of quilts for our daily lecture/viewing pleasure. 

So much going and the color ... I don't even know the name of some of the techniques.

It was made from quilting cottons but all I could think about was - Chinese silk.

It was simply incredible ... and I do NOT mean simply ... there was nothing simple about this garment.
I spent time ohhing and ahhing and touching and discovering ... this was truly a work of art!  When Marilyn (artist-in-residence ... it IS her residence) walked in the room, she too was amazed at this jacket.  She was amazed?  I thought it WAS her jacket.  Nope ... she'd never seen it.  The jacket belonged to another woman in our class.  Phyllis!  Phyllis is in her 80's and very hard of hearing and a dear, dear lady.  From the looks of this jacket ... there's a LOT more going on with Phyllis than I had realized!

Sorry the photos are turned sideways ... don't know why blogger thought THAT would be a good idea!

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Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

That is incredible! Wow!!!

And I know what you mean about the weather and decorating for fall, LOL, it's over 100 here!!