Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The cute husband and I headed out on our big adventure to Sturgis, SD on Saturday, July 31st. We started our travels with 13 people, 1 truck/trailer, and 10 motorcycles.
We have had one break down, one flat tire, one overheated rider and one overheated bike. We've purchased and consumed gallons of gas and gallons of water and have had pizza 2 nights in row for dinner.

And because I'm traveling in the truck ... I've almost completed one sock.

We stayed in Ohio, the on to St. Louis and tonight - Dodge City, Kansas.

Tomorrow we meet up with 4 more of our group in Denver, then it's on to Sturgis where we'll meet up with 2 more (they took the EASY way ... they're flying in). Going on vacation with 20 people is quite the adventure!

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Moneik said...

Enjoy your time in Sturgis! It's sure to be a fun year for the 70th. I live in Black Hawk, just down the road from Sturgis and we've already seen a lot of bikers here for the rally. Drive safe.