Wednesday, August 4, 2010


There's not too much to photograph along the way, especially out the car window. But once we arrived in Dodge City - early evening, tired, sweaty and hungry - this was what was beneath our feet. The Cute Husband said it looked like curtains from a little boy's room. All the carpet in the place looked this time. Reminded me of Dawn's Rootn'Tootn' Cowboy quilt.
We did get to spend a little time at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. And ... there was a quilt sighting! One of the guys on our trip spotted it first and told me about it, "there's a sewing thing in the next room, don't miss it!" Bikers are so cute! Boot Hill was really interesting and I've got lots of pictures but not lots of time ... bikers don't like to wait, so I'll post more of that when I get home. We've seen LOTS of prairie -

And spent lots of time on the road.

This was a welcome sight late yesterday afternoon ...

We went out to a nice dinner last night - NO PIZZA. It was fun and relaxing (a bit hectic eating a meal with 20 people) but the best part was completely unexpected. One of our group invited along an old Navy friend and his wife (they live here in Denver). The wife ... my BESTEST friend from 1987 to 1991 when we were stationed in Maine. It was wonderful to see her and catch up. It was horrifying to realize we had not seen or heard from each other in 19 years!

Lori was my very first "sewing buddy!" She and I made double wedding quilts together and discovered the rotary cutter ... there was an incident with a piece of plywood and no cutting mat. I'll tell you all about THAT another time.

Today ... on to Sturgis.

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