Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just thought I'd share a little randomness. Last week I did some shopping in honor of Quilt Odyssey. Fabric? Well, yeah, I did buy a little bit of fabric but honestly - not too much on this trip. I seemed to be into the "extras" this time. The vintage button booth!! Couldn't pass it by EACH time I walked past. I'm thinking - bag closures and general "purse jewelry." That little bundle of orange/rust ric-rac just had to go into my shopping bag too. I also found a really pretty, but more important to me - 120" - retractable tape measure. This will make it so much easier than using my 60" one. Isn't it pretty ... it's right there in the middle of the pile. The black maraca-looking thing ... a darning egg. I've always wanted to have one (can't believe with all the treasures my Dad sent me, he never sent a darning egg). I've been known to sew up a hole in my sock but have never (and don't plan to start ) darned one.

The purple, black and silver yarn? Looks like I'll be making some socks - GO RAVENS!

Last night at my quilt guild meeting, we played a game (Left, Right, Center). And I won these fat quarters. I'm challenging myself to think up something to do with them ... maybe try out a new bag pattern.
And ... I finished a new sock (and no - it has no mate ... yet.) This is from Knitters Brewing Company and the KAL is going on until the middle of August - not too late to sign up.

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